5 Types Of Event Security – An Overview

An event can be a quiet, relaxed affair or offer several situations that require experienced staff to manage or control. All events can be very different, from small fetes to huge pop concerts and everything in between. Event security aims to ensure the safety of visitors and staff while keeping property, plus any valuables and the venue safe and secure. The protection provided at an event can also include several different security measures, like,

  • Crowd control
  • Fighting
  • Property damage
  • Attacks

Event security agencies often work with other agencies like the police, especially at high-level security events, where knowledge of risk assessment and anti-terrorism are required. However, the following are the most common types of security provided at events. Often an event will need multiple types of security.

Security Guards

Security personnel are trained and licensed guards but do not offer specialised security. The number of security or general guards you will need will depend on how many attendees there will be at your event, plus the size of the event and threat level. Generally, one security guard will be enough for ten or fewer people.

  • 11-50 participants would require 2-5 guards
  • 50-250 participants would require 5-15 guards 
  • 250-1000 participants would require 2-5 guards

There are no definitive numbers. Each event needs a preparation plan and risk assessment. For example, if the event has an alcohol and entertainment license, this can dictate how many security guards are necessary.


Given the job description, you can expect to find this security personnel at the entrances and exits to an event. However, you can also place them around stages or barriers.


If you have a famous celeb, influencer, CEO, government minister etc., attending your event, they may require you to provide bodyguards. This is a specialised position requiring intense training to give the level of security a CPO, a Close Protection Operative, can.

Crowd Control & Mobile Control

They are often employed where large, mixed crowds gather, like music concerts or festivals. Here professionally trained security personnel monitors crowd behaviour, coordinating any actions to maintain public safety and for those performing. In addition, these guards would monitor and look out for intoxicated persons, negative and unsafe behaviours within the crowd. 

Mobile Control is often undertaken when the area is large or for parking and traffic. The guards are often on bikes or in cars.

Armed Guards & K9 Handlers

These are employed where there is a known threat or high-risk potential. The guards are armed to ensure the safety of people and protect property. All K-9 dogs are trained to the highest standard. Some are also trained to detect drugs.

As you can see from this brief overview, providing event security is more complex than having a man in uniform standing around. Every event needs a risk assessment and a plan of operation. One security guard may suffice, but a management structure of teams, team leaders and commanders is necessary for larger events. At Knight Owl Security, we conduct a full risk assessment to ensure that the cover provided is correct. As a result, we have what you need, from general security guards to K9-dog handlers, backed by years of experience.