Mission Statement - Welcome to Knight Owl Security & Services

Knight owl Security's mission is to provide our clients with the finest security services and products available in the marketplace. Through our extensive complement of high quality products and services, we will enable our clients to run their operations with minimal effort and concern for their safety and security. We will provide the very best in quality which, in no uncertain terms, means investing heavily into the selection, support, supervision and personal development of our people.

We will develop the most responsive customer service programs in the industry by creating strong lines of communication and by investing in leading-edge technology that adds value to our customers.

We will make a very strong commitment to our people, as they are ultimately responsible for our success. We seek to create and maintain an environment where every employee is rewarded according to their contribution to the success of our collective efforts. We will further reward our people with job satisfaction, recognition, advancement opportunities, leading-edge employee benefits and bonus incentive programs.

The philosophy at the core of the company is that ongoing communication with you, the client, is paramount to ensuring you are getting the most from the service we provide.

We don’t believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, each of our clients receives a personalised service designed around their individual requirements. The only part of our service that is not customised to the individual is our commitment to quality, which comes as standard.

Company Statement

Each aspect of our service can be moulded around the requirements of the customer.’

Appearance: Knight owl security staff will be dressed in appropriate uniform (as required by the client). Particular site risks will be discussed with the client so that additional health and safety issues can be assessed and appropriate safety gear issued to the Officer(s).

Assignment Instructions: A representative of Knight owl security & services (usually the manager or director) will discuss your individual client needs at a preliminary meeting. It would be useful if you could outline your particular site security concerns during this meeting so that Officers can be alerted and aware from the first day. Comprehensive instructions are prepared in close liaison with clients prior to contract commencement.

For each assignment, three copies are produced. One is issued to the client to allow them to verify procedures and measure performance. The second is retained in the security lodge/base for immediate reference by the Security Officer(s) on site. The third is retained in the central office to enable management access for measuring performance, providing assistance and checking amendments.

Training of our guards & officers.

Before taking up post and being left alone on-site, all Knight owl security staff receive basic training in:

• Health and safety;

• Vigilance;

• Recognising and reporting unusual incident;

• Completing site reports.

In addition, all staff are trained to NVQ level 2 in Security or level 3 in close protection, and any member of staff assigned to the site will be familiarised with the particular requirements of the client.


All Officers are required to complete a written report for each shift. Such reports are made in copy.

Officers will be required to note:

• The time they check external doors;

• Their assessment of the security status of the external/internal premises following a site appraisal;

• Pre-agreed access/visits by the client's staff (staff will be required to sign the report sheet to confirm their attendance is noted);

• Any 'unusual' activity occurring on, or in the near vicinity of, the site, such as:

• Vehicles parking nearby (registration numbers will be noted as well as a description of the driver);

• Unexpected visits by the client's staff (staff will be required to sign the report sheet to confirm their presence on site is noted);

• Pedestrian activity which does not conform to the expected pattern for the area.

The client copy of the report will be left on site (in a pre-designated file) for immediate perusal by authorised staff of the client site.

The office copies will be forwarded by the Siter Security Supervisor or collected by the Manager/Director when making regular checks on the performance at the site.

In addition, any issues of particular concern will be reported to the client (by fax or telephone) during the following working day.

Police Intervention:

Knight owl security & services staff are capable of making a judgment about when to seek police assistance. Should this be necessary, the Security Officer will deal with the police directly on behalf of the client. However, in some instances, it may be necessary to involve a member of the client's staff and a contact telephone number should be provided for this purpose.

We now hold British standards ISO 9001 certification.

We are here to provide a service the the highest standards possible and we are alway training our staff & put into test spot checks when possible to improve staff quality of work.

We are also Safe Contractor accredited also Smas Worksafe accrediation on compliance of Health & Safety.