Wigan Show & Event Security

As a prominent provider of show and event security in Wigan, Knight Owl Security stands out among the top firms in the UK. Our services are accessible round-the-clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring that venues across the North West receive the highest level of professional security.

  • Static and Mobile Security Guards
  • Expert Crowd Control Services
  • SIA Licensed and Available UK Wide
  • Competitive Rates and Quality Service


Expert Event Security In Wigan

Kight Owl Security is a premium provider of security services for events such as festivals, exhibitions and live music performances. We have a team of highly experienced guards that are SIA-licences to ensure your safety during all events go off without a hitch. Our skilled team can handle a range of duties including crowd control or mobile patrols with ease - regardless of your security requirements - we've got you covered.

Knight Owl Security is the perfect partner for your next event. Contact us today to discuss your security needs!


Reliable Event Security Company In Wigan

Planning events in Wigan can be a challenging task, especially when you anticipate a large turnout of attendees. As an event organiser, you bear the responsibility of making crucial decisions regarding the venue, logistics, speakers, and even catering. If you require security services to ensure the safety of your guests, Knight Owl Security is an excellent choice. They specialise in event security and offer valuable assistance during the planning stages to help you achieve flawless event security.

Event Security


Affordable & Versatile Event Security Solutions

If you are searching for a security company to manage your events in Wigan, it is likely that you have additional security requirements. Hence, it is crucial to choose a company that offers a wide range of security services. At Knight Owl Security, we take pride in our versatility and provide an extensive array of services, including construction site security, K9 security, and manned guarding. This means that besides ensuring the security of your event, we are well-equipped to address any other security challenges that may arise.

Cost is a vital consideration when selecting a security firm to handle the security of your event. However, compromising on quality is not advisable. It is essential to find a security firm that strikes a balance between quality and cost. At Knight Owl Security, we excel in helping you achieve this equilibrium. We have a reputation for delivering event security services of the highest standards at the most reasonable rates in Wigan. By partnering with us, you can effectively secure your event within your budget.


Event Security Benefits

Bespoke Security

Take comfort in the knowledge that your event security service will be tailored to your specific needs – ensuring that you get a personalised, quality service.

Multi-role Security

Our security guards can operate across multiple roles, meaning we can keep staffing costs low, without compromising security.

Expert Security

Trust Knight Owl Security to deliver exceptional service and results. Contact us today to discuss your security needs and benefit from their expert guidance and support.

Deter Criminals

Our security guards provide an effective visual deterrent for problems such as theft, vandalism trespassing, loitering and many other crimes.

Rapid Response

Our security guards will provide a professional rapid response service to all scenarios.

Affordable Security

No matter the security service required Knight Owl Security have you covered, whether you need manned security guards, mobile patrols, CCTV monitoring or event security, we can help.

Are You Looking for Expert Event Security In Wigan?

Ensuring event security is a matter of utmost importance, and it is crucial not to entrust it to inexperienced individuals. You require professionals who possess extensive expertise in handling such matters. At Knight Owl Security, we have been operating in Wigan for approximately ten years, gaining profound knowledge of the intricacies involved in event security. Throughout the years, we have effectively delivered security services for events of various types and scales. Rest assured, regardless of the size of your event, our wealth of experience will guarantee a secure venue and the safety of all attendees.


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Chas Accredited
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