Merseyside Construction & Building Site Security

We are one of the UK’s leading providers of construction & building site security, Knight Owl Security is available 24hrs 7 days a week, providing professional security to construction sites throughout the Merseyside area.

  • Static and Mobile Security Guards
  • Expert Crowd Control Services
  • SIA Licensed and Available UK Wide
  • Competitive Rates and Quality Service


Expert Construction Site Security In Merseyside

If you're in the hunt for Merseyside's leading, reliable construction and building site security provider, then you've absolutely come to the right place. We, at Knight Owl Security, provide second-to-none security services throughout all construction and building sites within the Greater Manchester region.

We comprehend fully that construction sites, with their plentiful machinery and supplies, frequently become the prime focus for theft and vandalism. That's why we are completely dedicated to protecting not just your valuable equipment and materials, but also your highly valued workforce.



Static and Manned Security Guards for your Construction Site

Manned guarding emerges as one of the most preferred and efficacious security procedures. The presence of our uniformed personnel acts as a robust deterrent to those harbouring malicious intents. At Knight Owl Security, we take immense satisfaction in providing the most capable and experienced manned guards for construction sites. Our team is imbued with a wide array of skills, such as CCTV monitoring, gatehouse duties, access security, and keyholding tasks.

Each of our security officers is licensed by the SIA, thoroughly screened, greatly experienced, and trained to the highest standards in the Greater Manchester area. They're prepared to handle a multitude of responsibilities, from canine patrols and CCTV surveillance to mobile patrols.

Being fully aware of the potential dangers present on construction sites, we ensure our guards undergo first aid training along with other essential health and safety education that could be life-saving. The duty of our guards is to guarantee the safety of your machinery, property, and site, reducing interruptions and preserving a secure environment.

Knight Owl Security Patrols


Knight Owl Construction Security Guards

If your construction project spans a broad area or is being carried out in several locations, our mobile security guards could be the perfect solution. As your equipment, tools, and workforce transition from one segment of the project to another, or from one project site to another, their safety remains our primary concern.

Our mobile security guards are adept at navigating and monitoring multiple locations, providing a dynamic security solution. They conduct diligent foot patrols, utilise conspicuous patrol vehicles, and execute comprehensive outdoor security operations. Offering affordable, efficient, and reliable security services, our mobile security guards stand ready to react promptly to any breaches in security.


CCTV Installation and Surveillance

At Knight Owl Security, we provide bespoke CCTV installation and surveillance services designed specifically for construction sites. Our highly trained and professional experts have comprehensive knowledge of strategic camera positioning, and we have dedicated team members to carry out constant monitoring of the CCTV footage.

CCTVs have become notably popular within the security industry due to their high-impact, straightforward nature as security tools. They act as a visual deterrent to potential intruders; the mere awareness of CCTV surveillance frequently deters prospective thieves from trying to breach your construction site. Furthermore, CCTV systems help in keeping track of site personnel, adding an extra layer of security against possible internal theft.

Affordable Security Company


Affordability and Experience

As a local company, we possess an intimate understanding of the hurdles and expenses associated with running construction sites. This is precisely why we strive to keep our rates competitive. However, this in no way implies that the standard of security we provide will be compromised.

We boast a team of highly experienced security guards who are not only skilled but also passionate about their roles. They are committed to safeguarding your property with the same diligence as they would their own, ensuring peace of mind in our security services.


Construction Security Benefits

Bespoke Security

Rest assured that your event security service will be customised to meet your specific requirements – guaranteeing a bespoke, high-quality service.

Multi-role Security

Regardless of the scale of the event or the type of security service needed, Knight Owl Security has got it under control. Be it manned security guards, mobile patrols, CCTV monitoring or K9 patrols, we are prepared to assist.

Expert Security

With a decade of experience in delivering event security services under our belt, we possess the requisite expertise and knowledge to ensure that the security of your event remains uncompromised.

Deter Criminals

Our security guards serve as a potent visual deterrent to a host of potential issues, including theft, vandalism, trespassing, loitering, drug use, and various other criminal activities.

Rapid Response

Our security guards stand ready to deliver a professional, swift response to any situation that may arise during the event.

Affordable Security

Our event security guards are versatile and capable of performing various roles, allowing us to maintain lower staffing costs without sacrificing the level of security provided.


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